Monday, June 4, 2007


The journey of Sian, Kenze and Loijuk to Ithumba

The journey to Ithumba is an arduous 8 hours on far from good roads, so the three transferees were tired upon arrival, but glad to get out and have a welcome noon day milk feed before being taken to the Ithumba drinking trough for a cool-down and drink of water. The younger Ithumba orphans then came at a run to greet them, surrounding them, touching them, rumbling and trumpeting, and checking them out carefully and lovingly. Kenze found the close attention of so many others somewhat overwhelming, and with a gentle shove requested some distance, but when the older orphans arrived, everything changed. Suddenly, he was in a real herd, with older females, all laying loving trunks over him, and all eager to have him close as their own. Instantly he calmed down, and became “theirs”. Meanwhile Loijuk and Sian were also accepting and calm, recognized by Orok and Lualeni, whom they had met at Nursery level.

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The last testresults of Zurura give him a clean bill of health again. No traces of the virus left.
Daphne Sheldrick has decided to not have any tests done at this point to research the presence of a herpes virus.
Marja Kik, veterinary department of the university of Utrecht has promised to be on standby in case this situation changes at some point in the future.


Last testresults show a malfunctioning of the pancreas.
Other than that she is again on the road to recovery. The vet will do a bloodsugar test on her as soon as he is back in Voi, to give us some insight in the functioning of her pancreas and the related bloodsugarlevels.

Lesanju too is now without any medication for the virus, all she gets now are some homeopathic drops to help cleanse her system.

no trace of the virus left, she still gets some homeopathic medicins and mineral tablets.

everything OK

everything OK

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