Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UPDATE AUGUST 2007-The Research Program

The first part of the research at the nursery of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust into the effects of stress on the baby elephants and the treatment to help overcome these effects has been concluded.

An incredible amount of information and insight into the physiological processes of the baby elephants, as a result of the traumatic experiences they went through before arriving in the safe haven of the Sheldrick Trust, has been the result.
The swabs that were sent from Kenya to Holland by courier every three weeks provided the data needed to register the progress as well as determine the regular changes needed in the baby-ele's medication.

The tragic loss of both Galdessa and Kilgoris was even more sad because we were never able to determine the exact cause of death.

The distance turned out to be an insurmountable barrier in the end to proceed with further necessary research and this is the reason the project has been put on hold for now.
We are currently looking into possibilities to work on location to continue the project.