Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Matriarch Foundation was born and a well thought out plan was put on paper but South African buraucracy caused delays so we decided to put the "Orphanage"projects on hold. The board of education needs to okay the setting up of the childrens orphanage in the former small schoolbuilding that Suni Ridge provided for the Zulu community and for the Wildlife orphanage we do not have enough funding yet.

Urgent matters took over however, the rampant rhino poaching, and on the same note the wildlife on Suni Ridge is under threat from a partner in the concession who, out of the blue decided to start a "Gamefarm" and use all the carefully protected wildlife to breed and sell for trophee hunting among other things.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Newsletter 2007

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Newsletter 2007

"We thank Marleen Le Febvre most sincerely for
her professional alternative medical assistance.
Also, along with colleagues, for arranging
the transportation of a donation of Vitamins
kindly provided by AOV and ORTHICA
PHARMACEUTICALS which arrived on our
doorstep in Nairobi, facilitated by the kind help
of ECULINE in Nairobi and JAN DEURLOO of Mission Relief in Holland."

Monday, November 5, 2007


Here you see the plans I made for the proposed SUNI-RIDGE WILDLIFE ORPHANAGE.
A safe haven for orphaned wild animals like baby elephants, baby rhino, but also for smaller animals that need help etc.
The Suni Ridge org. has made a piece of their privately run reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa available to start up a provisional wildlife orphanage for the whole district.
Funding and sponsoring is desperately needed to get this project off the ground. For information see

Sunday, September 23, 2007


NEWSFLASH !!!!!!!!

From South-Africa, Kwazulu Natal the question came to me to set up a Wildlife Orphanage. A safe haven for all sorts of young wild animals who without any help would certainly die.

It would be an amazing opportunity to continue the research into the effects of stress on young animal orphans and to keep on searching for ways to minimize the very often dramatic consequences.


More news will follow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UPDATE AUGUST 2007-The Research Program

The first part of the research at the nursery of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust into the effects of stress on the baby elephants and the treatment to help overcome these effects has been concluded.

An incredible amount of information and insight into the physiological processes of the baby elephants, as a result of the traumatic experiences they went through before arriving in the safe haven of the Sheldrick Trust, has been the result.
The swabs that were sent from Kenya to Holland by courier every three weeks provided the data needed to register the progress as well as determine the regular changes needed in the baby-ele's medication.

The tragic loss of both Galdessa and Kilgoris was even more sad because we were never able to determine the exact cause of death.

The distance turned out to be an insurmountable barrier in the end to proceed with further necessary research and this is the reason the project has been put on hold for now.
We are currently looking into possibilities to work on location to continue the project.

Monday, June 4, 2007


The journey of Sian, Kenze and Loijuk to Ithumba

The journey to Ithumba is an arduous 8 hours on far from good roads, so the three transferees were tired upon arrival, but glad to get out and have a welcome noon day milk feed before being taken to the Ithumba drinking trough for a cool-down and drink of water. The younger Ithumba orphans then came at a run to greet them, surrounding them, touching them, rumbling and trumpeting, and checking them out carefully and lovingly. Kenze found the close attention of so many others somewhat overwhelming, and with a gentle shove requested some distance, but when the older orphans arrived, everything changed. Suddenly, he was in a real herd, with older females, all laying loving trunks over him, and all eager to have him close as their own. Instantly he calmed down, and became “theirs”. Meanwhile Loijuk and Sian were also accepting and calm, recognized by Orok and Lualeni, whom they had met at Nursery level.

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The last testresults of Zurura give him a clean bill of health again. No traces of the virus left.
Daphne Sheldrick has decided to not have any tests done at this point to research the presence of a herpes virus.
Marja Kik, veterinary department of the university of Utrecht has promised to be on standby in case this situation changes at some point in the future.


Last testresults show a malfunctioning of the pancreas.
Other than that she is again on the road to recovery. The vet will do a bloodsugar test on her as soon as he is back in Voi, to give us some insight in the functioning of her pancreas and the related bloodsugarlevels.

Lesanju too is now without any medication for the virus, all she gets now are some homeopathic drops to help cleanse her system.

no trace of the virus left, she still gets some homeopathic medicins and mineral tablets.

everything OK

everything OK

Saturday, May 19, 2007


KORA-May 2007
Kora's jaw has been closed for several months now. He is growing both in physique as well as in character. He is often found leading the herd toward the milkfeed to make sure he is there on time.

MADIBA-May 2007
Madiba's chronic lymphenode infections are beginning to disappear.

KENZE-May 2007
Dosis Engystol brought back to 50 %. No problems and he is getting ready for his move to Ithumba which will probably take place on the 24th of May.

LENANA-May 2007

Lenana's system is getting rid of the virus, she is doing fine and the testresults are good. Still on the Engystol.

Her healthy sturdy mischievous lovely little self.

LESANJU-May 2007
Still getting rid of the virus, she was not well for a few days, loose stools and not her cheerful self but is having better testresults on the whole. She was prescribed a pro-biotic to help sustain a healthy intestinal flora and her dosis Engystol is cut in half.

SHIMBA-May 2007

No problems, testresults are OK.

Lesanju, Shimba and Lempaute