Tuesday, May 15, 2007


ZURURA April 2007
Because we had just seen little Galdessa dying from unrelenting bouts of diarrhoea and Kilgoris was showing similar symptoms for which he got a very strong antibiotic cure, Zurura was given the same cure as precaution when he too showed signs of very loose stools.

The swabs of both Kilgoris and Zurura showed signs of a viral infection. Zurura's glands were swollen too but the swelling disappeared after a while.

To everyone's horror Kilgoris too died after an incredibly brave and very long struggle, according to the lab in Nairobi from an e-coli infection.

This made me want to find out what exactly was going on and if we could somehow by understanding how the infection was contracted prevent it from happening again. Dr. Marja Kik (veterinary faculty of the university of Utrecht) had the idea ,that there was a possibility of a herpes virus infection. It is a well known fact that Indian elephants get very sick from this virus of which the African elephants, as far as is known, are only the carriers and do not get sick.

More and more however there are signs that the African elephant indeed can also get very sick and sometimes die from this herpes virus. She consulted with collegues in the Rotterdam Zoo and if some serum could be collected from Zurura and be sent to the University of Rotterdam, Prof. Ab Osterhaus would do the necessary research.

ZURURA-April 2007
Zurura is still testing positive for a viral infection and is treated at the moment by me with Engystol. (photo)

LESANJU-April 2007
Lesanju too suffered from swollen lympheglands and also tested positive for a viral infection in March.The swelling in her glands has gone down but like Zurura the last test still showed signs of a virus being present so she too is treated at the moment with Engystol.

KENZE-April 2007
Although Kenze did not suffer from swollen glands he too tested positive for the virus and had several points during the test that showed a distinct deviation. They all corrected however by adding Engystol . As of April 12th he too is getting Engystol.

LENANA-April 2007
Very similar to Kenze so as of April 12th she too is being treated with Engystol. (photo: Lenana hugs Chyulu)

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