Saturday, May 19, 2007


KORA-May 2007
Kora's jaw has been closed for several months now. He is growing both in physique as well as in character. He is often found leading the herd toward the milkfeed to make sure he is there on time.

MADIBA-May 2007
Madiba's chronic lymphenode infections are beginning to disappear.

KENZE-May 2007
Dosis Engystol brought back to 50 %. No problems and he is getting ready for his move to Ithumba which will probably take place on the 24th of May.

LENANA-May 2007

Lenana's system is getting rid of the virus, she is doing fine and the testresults are good. Still on the Engystol.

Her healthy sturdy mischievous lovely little self.

LESANJU-May 2007
Still getting rid of the virus, she was not well for a few days, loose stools and not her cheerful self but is having better testresults on the whole. She was prescribed a pro-biotic to help sustain a healthy intestinal flora and her dosis Engystol is cut in half.

SHIMBA-May 2007

No problems, testresults are OK.

Lesanju, Shimba and Lempaute

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