Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Shimba was just 4 weeks old when he was found on October 1st 2006. His mother had died due to a number of causes which had all contributed to her dying. Her trunk had been severely disfigured as a result of having been caught in a poachers snare, preventing her from getting enough food and sufficient nutrients, she also carried a baby to term and gave birth to him and on top of everything she had been part of a relocation program and had been moved from another area. Shimba was found wandering alone at about 1 hour walking distance from his mother, alone in the burning sun.

The keepers that were alerted to his situation and had gone in search of him had to pass the dead mother again with Shimba on the way back to the vehicle.It was heartbreaking to see how this little baby-elephant tried in vain to get his mother to get up again and to drink from her breast.

Due to the extreme stress he had been under he was in a very poor condition when he arrived at the nursery but he took his milk immediately and was soon calmed by the presence of the other orphans.

He mourned his dead mother for a long time and needed intense medical support for his compromised immune system, a threatening pneumonia was averted and at the beginning of 2007 he finally turned the corner and has become a lively, happy little elephant who is now completely without medication.

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On Being Sixty Five said...

A few weeks ago I adopted Shimba. One day I would love to visit him. I urge everyone to adopt an elephant from the David Sheldrick Foundation.