Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The Chyulu desnaring team was alerted to the fact that a young elephant in terrible condition had been spotted.

He had looked for protection from predators and had wandered close to a nearby village.

Completely exhausted but terrified out of his wits this two year old elephant bull resisted his capture with what strength was left in him. It is assumed that he witnessed the slaughter of his family by poachers.

Even though completely emaciated and weak he still was very dangerous when he arrived at the nursery, nobody could get near him and the only option was to wait and indeed within a few hours he collapsed and lost consciousness. Immediately he was hooked up to an IV and medication was given to him. For two days he remained unconscious while liters of lifesaving rehydration fluids were given to him.

In the practice the tests done on his urine/saliva swab indicated that apart from being terribly undernourished nothing much was wrong with him, in fact he was a very strong young elephant with a healthy solid basis.

Shortly after he started on his meds they could be reduced and within two months he was completely without medication and gaining weight and strength every day. He is still very much wary of humans but with the loving care his friend Lenana gives him he becomes more and more a part of the group every day.

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