Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Lempaute was found by accident when a routine patrol on foot from the Wester Conservatory of Lewa Downs in northern Kenya. A tiny two weeks old baby elephant and nowhere in the vicinity any sign of another elephant.

It is very possible that the herd little Lempaute was born into had panicked and streaked from the flashes and thunder of a thunderstorm and her little legs simply couldnot keep up.Judging by the severe degree of sunburn on her delicate ears she had been without the protection of her mother for at least 24 hours. After initially running away and hiding in some bushes little Lempaute in the end decided to come out and started following the men.

On board the rescue plane she panicked and fought to get out and arrived at the nursery in a state of over exitement and her breathing was going way to fast. Luckily she took to the bottle of milk immediately and soon after calmed right down. The other two babies at the nursery were very exited about their new playmate and made her feel at home in no time.

The medication from the practice helped her get over the initial usual stress related imbalance and she got through her teething period with the help of a few weeks of extra pro biotica. She is the little clown among the babies and a sturdy, happy and healthy little baby elephant.

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